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Our Coffee

We have partnered with Three Tree Coffee Roasters to bring you coffee with a purpose (and great taste!). TTCR uses artisan roasted specialty coffee to impact the world in 3 ways.

Why Ethical Coffee Matters

a logo of a tree diplaying three tree coffee roasters

1. Empowering the farmer
Because of the hard work their farmers put into the product, they want to ensure they are empowered with: a fair and livable wage, safe working conditions and value-adding systems through sustainable and quality practices.  We want to cultivate a relationship in which they are cared for. How are they doing this?  They are partnering with many certification programs that have similar goals, such as Fair Trade, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance.  However, we are taking it a step further by pursuing direct-trade relationships and partnering with like-minded organizations.

2. End Human Trafficking
Human trafficking can take on many different forms of slavery; however, they all revolve around injustice. Three Tree desires to end injustice…and to end human trafficking. To accomplish this, they are partnering with local and international organizations to bring awareness and raise funds.  

3. Engage the Community
They are not only proud to represent Bulloch County (home of GSU) on a global scale, they are eager and excited to serve their own community.  Whether it is offering affordable fundraising options to local ministries and organizations, buying many business inputs locally (such as their labels, milk, and paper products), or providing their neighbors a great cup of coffee…they care about their community.

Their Mission