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1. How do I book an event?

Check out our form and pricing info on the 'Catering' tab. To call specific locations, Atlanta is (678) 722-0523 or for Tampa call (813) 253-3100. The company email is

2. What are the dimensions of the donut wagon

Length: 15'   Width: 9'   Height: 11' 

3. How soon should I reserve the wagon?

The sooner the better! Food truck season runs April to Dec. and it fills up!

4. What type of oil do you fry in?

Canola Oil on the wagon and shortening in the shops.

5. Does your mix contain peanuts?

No, however, our mix is prepared for us in a facility that may process nuts at some point. Chopped peanuts are a regular topping offering for our donuts. As such they are located on the topping tables and we cannot guarantee that they have not migrated during the topping process. 

6. Do you offer gluten-free or vegan donuts?

Vegan- yes. GF-not yet. We do understand there is a need and will work on an offering soon for GF.

7. Why can you only order 1 flavor for 4 donuts at the donut wagon?

Simply put, it adds significant wait times at events. It takes longer for people to order and deciding on more flavors. It also means we are grabbing for 4 different icings and 4 different toppings which adds time to your order. I promise we aren't mean people but put this in place so you wouldn't have extreme wait times. The same thing applies to our 16 and 24 count boxes in store. 16 count box you can get 4 flavors, 24 counts you can get 6 flavors when ordering in person. If you call ahead and give us notice you can pick more flavors :) Making them order is hard work! 

8. Other allergies?

Our regular donuts contain wheat gluten, dry milk, and egg yolks. Vegan donuts contain gluten but no animal products.

9. Are your donuts hot?

We don't guarantee hot donuts but if your timing is right you may catch us making a fresh batch :) In the shop, we make several small batches through the day for freshness and eliminating waste.  We do decorate to order to maintain freshness in the toppings. Keep in mind, we stop making donuts about 15 mins before closing to get through what we have on hand.